Quality of education

We focus our work mainly on quality improvement of primary and secondary education through teacher training, curriculum reform, teaching innovations – like digitisation – and the introduction of student-centred teaching, i.e. making students into active players in the learning process.
We also support the rehabilitation and construction of schools with a particular focus on child-friendly and green schools.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Technical and vocational education and training constitutes an important and specific niche. It provides a direct link with the job market and contributes directly to individual well-being as well as to the economic development of the country. By definition, it involves the private sector in the development process.

We support technical and vocational education and training in many of our partners communities as a key strategy to address youth unemployment. Through skills training young people learn a skill or a trade that can help them to find decent work or start up their own business (entrepreneurship).

Improve the education and vocational training system

All our interventions aim at structural improvements of the education and vocational training system We do so by strengthening education instances so they are enabled to better design policies, as well as to plan, manage and monitor education. Typical activities in this area include: support to policy development, strengthening monitoring and evaluation, introduction of results-based planning and budgeting, improving the financial management of the education sector…