janvier 18, 2020

Meet our team

No Names Position Contacts
01 Mr Kazingufu  Floribert Coordinator & Co-funder [email protected]
02 Mr Chibalya Adrien Financial and Administrative Director [email protected]
03 Mr M’sabwa M’lundu Programs Director [email protected]
04 Mr Donald Mboboci Monitoring and Evaluation [email protected]
05 Mme Bipemacho Ramazani Aisha Accountant [email protected]
06 Mrs Bora Kaburano Secretary Officer [email protected]
07 Mr Jospin Tchanga Integrity Building, Communication Manager [email protected]
08 Albert Mutamba Logistic [email protected]
09 Mr Kasumba Amuli Community Supervisor [email protected]
10 Mr Jean Mbaruko Kiza Human ressorce Manager and Peace Court secretery [email protected]
12 Mrs Clemence Lemba CCD [email protected]