juin 25, 2019

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Global Objective

To improve living conditions of rural populations, promote peace and conflict resolution, and defend human rights in communities especially children and women’s by promoting voluntary community service which enable poor people, orphans, vulnerable and destitute to access to development standards, human dignity and integrity through quality education to all, health, …

Specific objectives

Care for poor children, especially orphans and children living in situations particularly difficult such as ex child soldiers, illiterate, on the streets etc… by giving them free quality formal education and vocational training in community school structures called Farms of Hope schools.

  • Put in place Infrastructures of Education from the Primary to University education (Schools of Volunteers) where poor people, orphans, vulnerable and destitute in the community will access to quality education provided by national and international volunteers.
  • Peace and conflicts resolution through the Forums of peace called Baraza of Peace, forums of resolution of conflicts and peace building in communities
  • Participation of the community in the promotion of transparency and integrity in the management of national and community patrimony
  • Defend and promote human rights especially women and children’s rights.
  • Fight against malnutrition, poverty, poor health conditions by promoting and intensifying measures of prevention and restoration of education, health, hope and dignity of children and women’s.
  • Initiate Clubs of Volunteers for Peace, Clubs of Volunteers for Development, Clubs of Volunteers for Health, Clubs of Volunteers for Education, Clubs of Volunteer for the Environment
  • Put in place women Trauma healing and care Centres to care for women victims of sexual violence and other violence against women today


Nos Objectifs

Objectif global

– Améliorer les conditions de vie des populations rurales, promouvoir la paix et la résolution des conflits, défendre les droits humains et promouvoir l’intégrité dans notre rayon d’action.

Objectifs spécifiques

  • Promouvoir la paix, la résolution des conflits et les droits humains à travers les forums de paix et de droits de l‘homme appelés Baraza de paix des droits de l’homme.
  • Faire participer la communauté dans la promotion de la transparence et de l’intégrité dans la gestion des projets et patrimoines communautaires.
  • Initier des structures de santé pour la prise en charge des pauvres et démunis
  • Mettre en place des Clubs de Volontaires pour la paix, Clubs de Volontaires pour le Développement, Clubs de volontaires pour les droits humains, clubs de volontaires de l’éducation, des clubs ou des bénévoles pour l’environnement

• Mettre en place des infrastructures de l’éducation du primaire à l’enseignement supérieur (écoles de bénévoles) où les pauvres, les orphelins, vulnérables et démunis de la communauté auront accès à une éducation de qualité fourni par les volontaires nationaux et internationaux.