janvier 18, 2020

Medical School

1. Construction of a medical school in Kiliba, DRC, 2010

 Focus on Education, in association with the local NGO Fondation Chirezi, set up an intermediate vocational school for health care with a capacity of 150 students a year. The school will offer a 4-year nurse training, after which graduates can start working at local health centres and small rural medical clinics. The school targets underprivileged boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 20.

Wilde Ganzen and Focus on education contrubution to the project in 2011-2012

Wilde Ganzen and Focus on education  contrubution to the project in 2011-2012 was the construction of the medical school director’s office and building an additional classroom. Thanks to Wilde ganzen we were also able to bring solar panel and bring light to the clinic to enable viable and quality medical services to the school. A project to make available water at the clinic was also funded. We are still waiting the water company to finalise its work on the pipes before we can implement the water project at the clinic.

With the reopening of the sugar cane factory, SUCKI, the future of our projects look bright as new people who will come in the communities will benefit from our efforts and many other people coming from the surrounding will be attract by our achievements.

We reiterate our gratitude to our partner organisations which have made a difference by funding these projects without which life of thousands of people in Kiliba would not improve and these orphans and vulnerable children would not get chance to continue their education and access to quality health.