janvier 17, 2020

Heath Center

With funds from FOCUS ON EDUCATION and other partners, FOCHI has built a Medical Health Centre. This is part of its mission of availing health care to the community of Kiliba which remained many years without health infrastructures. Last year alone, Medical Health Clinic Jehovah Rapha has recorded 171 vulnerable patients who received medical care at a lower price.

This health centre responds to the health needs of the vulnerable population. Despite the existance of few health institutions in far distances, Jehovah Rapha Clinic receives a large number of vulnerable patients. 

All the villagers are very satisfied of the implantation of this centre in their village and the quality service provided. As no case of death has been registered, this strengthens the confidence of the population of the village. Also, its geographical accessibility allows women to give birth with dignity.

 « By its hygienic services and its lighting system, conditions of care are similar to most clinics in city centres » (Sarkar, 46 years, Patient treated at the Jehovah Raphah Clinic, November 2013)