janvier 17, 2020

Reintegration, Desarmement and Demobilization

101 people including 37 ex-combatants and vulnerable 64 are accompanied by the FOCHI in its programme of reintegration socio-economic of ex-combatants in savonerie in Kavimvira and Swima, Brickyard Kiliba, and agriculture to Runingu, and Swima little trade.

‘Thank you for projects that interest to our needs and our realities’ (Kabangira Matenga, ex-combatants, Kavimvira).

For the population and ex-combatants reintegrate, the approach of solidarity group, Ex-combatants-Civilian, used by the FOCHI reinforces not only collaboration between ex-combatants and the rest of the community, but also the participation of these ex-combatants in the community development.

In particular, the population encourages FOCHI to expand its interventions on the other ex-combatants who are not yet under its accompaniment so that their socio-economic reintegration effective and total consolidate peace.

Aware of the year 2014, an important will focus on the follow-up to the AGR (income generating activities) of groups of ex-combatants and vulnerable civilians to gradually strengthen their income increased their stabilization by establishing a foundation for an effective and lasting peace in territories of Uvira and Fizi through the establishment of means of substance to ex-combatants;

A second step should lead us to increased awareness of the new ex-combatants in the territories of Uvira and Fizi territory that filled a large number of ex-combatants without activities and many of them suffer from a lack of employment and other means of substance;

Thirdly, all the solidarity groups of ex-combatants, ex-combatants and vulnerable civilians women will benefit from microcredit support.

All this because the lack of activities by these ex-combatants demobilized only made increase the insecurity and the possibilities of the continuity of violence and armed conflicts in this part of former combatants who have no means of substance search for either in criminal activities (such as theft to armed hands, banditry) either they return again in armed lack of occupation groups.