janvier 18, 2020


The Farm of Hope School was established by Fondation Chirezi at the Kiliba village, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a border crossing to Burundi in 2005. The strategic plan adopted by the management committee in 2007 has as its vision to extend the school from primary to secondary to trade school and university as swiftly as possible. This project has been assisted by an online virtual community of neighbours established by Nabuur.

This school is educating free of charge more than 500 orphans. It is offering primary education and secondary. Soon it will start offering medical education in order to offer a quick job and career to orphans who will finish their education. We have opted to this because we found ourselves not able to help orphans up to the university.

We are proud to announce that Farm of Hope is the only school offering free education to orphans and other children living under difficult conditions in the whole country of DR Congo. Elsewhere, Parents are obliged to pay for the education of their children in DR Congo, since orphans have no parents we offer this life education (which is one of their fundamental rights) to those children.

To be able to continue do that we need to depend of external aid but also we will start soon income generation activities at the school to help us pay for the teachers and maintain the school.

Also, the coordinator and Founder of the school, P Floribert Kazinguf has conceived an concept to allow the school continue to educate free of charge orphans. This concept wants that, all orphans sign officially an agreement with the school to engage himself to teach free of charge to the school after his graduation in gratitude of his free education received at the School. This can allow the perpetration of the idea of education free of charge orphan at Farm of Hope.