janvier 18, 2020

Peace Direct

With Peace Direct, FOCHI promote sustainable peace in local communities, through the creation of the Baraza.

Main activities:

  • Resolutions of conflicts;
  • The creation of 3 new baraza

Gender ; Women’s Baraza

  • Organise women in the community  activities
  • Prepare women for their  self empowment;
  • Train women in Human Rights;
  • Give opportinity to women to express to the radio.


About Peace Direct

Peace Direct is an international NGO that supports local peacebuilding in conflict zones worldwide. We have affiliates in the UK, USA and Germany, and programmes in 11 countries.

But Peace Direct is everyone who supports us and who we support. Someone once described us as ‘more like a school of dolphins than a whale.’

So Peace Direct is roughly:

When Gulalai from Aware Girls in Pakistan visited London in 2010, she was asked whether she had family in London. Her reply was, “Yes – Peace Direct are my family.”

If you’d like to work for Peace Direct, visit here to see if there are current vacancies for interns or staff.