octobre 22, 2019

Wilde Ganzen

All over the world, Wild Geese Foundation supports people who make an effort to achieve a better future for their community. Our support is intended for small-scale and specific projects for and by the people themselves, without discrimination concerning race, language, religion or orientation.

WILDE GANZEN with FOCUS ON EDUCATION have been the major donors in helping Fondation Chirezi improve its work and life of its beneficiaries in Kiliba, DR COngo


Farm of Hope_ photoConstruction of Farm of Hope School in Kiliba

This school is educating free of charge more than 500 orphans. It is offering primary and secondary education.

WKiliba children drunk clean water at Farm of Hope schoolater Supply :

A project to make available water at the clinic and at School wasalso funded. Now Farm of Hope School and Clinic are having clean water from the taps.



Electricity (Solar Energy) : Focus on education and other donors such as Wilde Ganzen gave additionnal funds to purchase solar panels and bring light to the clinic and school to enable viable and quality medical and educational services.

Clinic PhotoMedical Health Centre Jehovah Rapha :

Withthe initiative of FOCUS ON EDUCATION to raise funds near other donors, funds were made available and allowed the contruction of the Medical Health Centre. This is among its mission of delivering healthcare services tothecommunities ofKilibawhich were found with a high rate of mortality due to unaccessibility to quality health services. Thanks to JehovahRapha clinic more than 171vulnerablepatients receivedcareat a lowercostin2013.


ITMMarie Jacques Medical School :

This school aims to make available trained medical technicians capable of working within village communities to meet the need of trained professionals in their communities.

LaboLAboratory: After building the clinic, it was necessary to have a laboratory where students were going to do medical practices of the theories learned at school. Our donors were receptive of the need when we called their attention to that need. Immediately a room close to the clinic was built and equiped.

VaccinationVacinationVaccination Room:

 When the local authorities of the ministry of health saw the efforts made by Fondation Chirezi and its fundors to promote health and education in Kiliba, they asked us to build a vaccination room where children were going to be vaccinated to escape the recorded early death due to unavailability of vaccination services due to distance in Kiliba. The vaccination room was built and it is doing the pride of kiliba women who salute the initiatives and efforts of the donors and FOCHI.

Recreative  center 1Recreative Center for Students in Kiliba:

Thanks to a joint initiative FOCHI, FOCUS ON EDUCATION AND WILDE GANZEN a recreative center is under construction to help children not only access to different games and drama events, but be the focus of the whole village for celebrating different activities in a village where there are no public community Hall. The giant Hall in midst of the village is already attacting people who are amazed of its size and construction. This building is celebrating already the pride and value of a new regenerating village, which is recovering from war trauma and violence. Thank you to our donors and we salute your eternal efforts!

School Material at the Medical School : Many school students in the Netherlands are good and generous donors of the Farm of Hope and medical school. Through different fundraising activities they have collected funds to help our schools get medical school materials, solar panels, materials for didactic lessons in biology, history, laboratory, library etc… We thank you and know that the students of kiliba and all the people of DR Congo acknowledge your efforts.

toiletteToilets :

When the clinic and medical school started, we did not have toilets. With the generosity of our donors, we have new clean toilets and shower rooms. Imagine a clinic or school without toilets! All our gratitude to our sponsors and donors.






Some testimonies of beneficiaries:

« The launch of the construction of another building that will house other medical classes reflects the will of the FOCHI to be offering quality education to future generations of Africa «  (DUNIA MALISAWA, Headmaster)
«Medical school Marie-Jacques draws us from Gatumba in Burundi Republic by its geographical proximity, Here education is less expensive and of quality. » (Niyongere Patrick, a medial student from the Republic of Burundi, Level 2).