janvier 18, 2020

Congo Leadeship Initiative

From 2013, the Chirezi Foundation has started a partnership with CongoLeadership Initiative in the sole aim  to contribute to the empowerment of young people to be the catalysts in Congo.

Consistent with the mission of the FOCHI to build capacity  to local community so everyone unites in the fight against poverty, hunger and vulnerability and face the future together, since August 2013 a Leadership Institute was launched in Uvira.

During the period of September 2013 to April 2014, more than 150 young people participated in 8 sessions held within the  classes of the primary school Munanira in Kimanga.

Since May 12, 2014, 16 young people have been selected from youth clubs of the Baraza accompanied by the FOCHI in his philosophy of self-care so that these become catalysts for the Congo of tomorrow through the community Baraza which are already operational in 15 communities in the territory of Uvira and Fizi.

During the period from August 2014, 137 youth already participated in 4 courses facilitated by 4 facilitators trained by Congo Leadership Initiative from 28 to 29 July 2014.

In September 2014, Heri Bitamala, 24 years, Chief facilitator was appointed member of the Congo Advisory Counsil of Congo Leadership Initiative and participates in it monthly discussions on Skype.

Do Something Congo

Since May 26, 2014, 9 young people participated in the programme to combat insalibrity launched by Do Something Congo.

After the end of the program on June 16, 2014, 7 young leaders trained by theFOCHI have continued to sensitize the community on the community involvement in the fight against unsafe and community development.

So 2 activities has executed: at Kavimvira, surroundings 20 people themselves are engaged in amenagement of avenues and in Kalimabenge, about 30 residents living along the River have picked up and burned the garbage at the edge of the Kalimabenge River.

Download the last report here FOCHI Leadership Institute Annual Report and Financial Statement


The Congo Leadership Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We empower young leaders in the Congo through an intensive leadership training program because we believe that talented youth can create a peaceful and prosperous future for Congo. The result of our program is a cohort of skilled leaders sparking true development across the Congo.
CLI empowers young people in the Congo by preparing them to be leaders because the ultimate solutions to Congo’s problems will come from the Congolese people. Our vision is a Congo for and by the Congolese where ethical leaders serve their community and country.

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