Peace builder’s training

Our Vision

We want to build a better world where the poor and marginalized, especially women and children, have a place and a voice, a world that recognizes the human rights of women and children, the right to education, to health, protection…

Our Mission

We will fight so that all the poor, orphaned, marginalized and scorned children of yesterday become real Leaders and valid, essential tomorrow stakeholders, leaders able to making History by changing History . …

Our global objective

To improve the living conditions of rural populations by investing in solving problems with regard to millenium global goals for development.

Specific objectives

-To promote peace and conflicts resolution through community Baraza (Peace Forums) for the management of conflicts and peace building in communities.

-To promote transparency and integrity in the management of public and private services and infrastructures by encouraging community participation in the reinforcing and establishment of national good governance .

-To facilitate access to education, health and wellbeing to rural population with special accent to children and women.

-Promote and defend human rights especially women and children’s rights and the reinforcement of the rule of law .