FOCHI is a non-profit organization that operates with rigorous standards of accountability to donors who financially support the organization’s activities and to the government that grants it legal status. Thereafter, it is indebted to the beneficiaries who are supposed to judge the actions and achievements of projects and programs. Similarly, FOCHI is indebted to various partners with whom it collaborates in the realization of projects and programs. Finally, it is indebted to the different levels of the structure of the organization: Staff, management and volunteers who devote their know-how to carrying out activities.


FOCHI maintains good reports of accountability to donors (Upward accountability) through regular management, monitoring and evaluation of activities. Performance reports are produced monthly while internal audits are biannual and evaluation and external audit reports are produced annually. FOCHI is in order with the state’s tax obligations.


FOCHI strives to work in transparency with the beneficiaries to whom it is accountable (Downward accountability) through dynamic feedback mechanisms in order to judge the effectiveness and veracity of the actions and achievements of projects and programs. Feedback mechanisms are used to gather views from beneficiaries on the execution of projects and programs (during and after). Through the feedback reports, FOCHI and the beneficiaries agree on the level of execution, the challenges to be met and the common satisfaction.


Several partners come into play during the execution of the projects. Maintaining with partners good accountability reports (Outward accountability) is essential for FOCHI. The contribution of their inputs requires that they fully participate in the project execution processes.


To achieve good results from activities, it is necessary to maintain good relations with the Staff, Management and volunteers of the organization (Inward accountability). An important look is at their working conditions, their rights and duties and their attendance at regular meetings on the execution of activities. Their assistance in achieving results requires that they be at the center of any effort made to achieve objectives and seek solutions to problems related to the implementation, monitoring and lasting evaluation of activities


To ensure the internal control of the organization, FOCHI has put in place the manual of administrative and financial procedures. This document makes it possible to set up provisions in order to control the various risks linked to the functioning of the association and to manage all aspects of the activity of the organization (heritage, people …).

Articles in our manual cover the following areas:

-Heritage protection;

-Regularity and sincerity of the accounting records and the annual accounts;

– Orderly and efficient conduct of the operations of the organization,

-conformity of decisions with the policy of the board of directors and the General Assembly.

Accounting systems

FOCHI uses two accounting systems to enable viable and reliable accounting of the organization.

-Excel system

This Excel Accounting software allows FOCHI to manage an unlimited number of accounts and to carry out an initial and final assessment.

QuickBooks software

QuickBooks software is accounting software that the Chirezi Foundation uses as a cloud-based accounting solution to facilitate accounting management and reliably perform balance sheets. …).

Accountability Diagram